There are many scriptures I've read hundreds of times without taking to heart just what God was trying to say to me within those lines. It's all about timing, I know. He shows us what we need to see when we need to see it. That's probably the most amazing thing about the Bible and why it's called the Living Word. Hebrews 12: 2 hit me in a profound way this morning, " ...he (Jesus) endured the cross, disregarding its shame." One more time..."DISREGARDING ITS SHAME." 

Early on in our journey to learn the truth about what exactly happened in the shoot down that killed our son, Billy & I received a heaping, steaming pile of shame. And it came from every conceivable angle; from Sr. military leaders, from fellow Gold Star families, from citizens, and from enlisted members of the military. Among many other things, we were disinvited to the Memorial Day ceremony at DEVGRU in 2013 because, "the other families don't want you there." 

Shame. It's powerful. It's isolating. It's know your cause is just. Somehow, when God reveals just how "just" your cause is, that shame loses its power over you. But that's a transition only God can deliver. Jesus disregarded the shame. Sounds simple in theory. It is anything but.

Billy and I have both said that we, as humans, would sooner run into a burning building to save someone than accept shame in order to do the same. What others think of us is so critical to our mental health and well being. That desire to avoid shame could very well keep us from living full lives or meeting the level of courage, intelligence, or whatever else God intended us to meet. It's very probable that shame has stood between man and his greatest accomplishments. Shame could be the most powerful hindrance in Satan's arsenal.

What would you sacrifice your character to achieve (I should say, the way others view your character)? Remember Noah? What if shame had kept him from building the ark? What about our founders? Can you even imagine how much ridicule and hatred they endured to keep moving forward in their vision for freedom? Just stop for a moment and contemplate it.

Overcoming the fear of shame could unleash the dynamism of one billion angels on this earth! If your cause is just, endure the shame. I promise you, God will have His day. Just as He did in the glorious resurrection of His Son, Jesus.


Karen Vaughn